Taking Back The Night (2020)

Kimberley Luu

Total running time: 3:07 hours
Pre-requisites: Basic distress tolerance + emotion-regulation skills
Suggested contribution: $40 CAD standard/ $30 - $50 CAD sliding scale

A collection of yoga nidras specially created for survivors of sexual violence. They were designed to support a felt-sense of inner safety and trust, reconnection to your body’s intuitive wisdom, soothing remedies for physical and emotional pain, healthy relationships with yourself and others, and restful sleep to reclaim your night.

1. Listen In (sample track) – Settling into a receptive space for deep inner listening • 14:33 W N
2. Safe Explorations – Building a foundation of security for safe inward explorations • 23:54 N S 
3. Body Appreciation – Growing gratitude for your body in all of its wonder, complexity, and resilience • 17:26 W N
4. Spacious Ease – Feeling into the vast spaciousness that resides within and all around you • 19:02 N S | Music: Meditative Mind – 174 Hz Pain Relief
5. Mindful Mayas – Cultivating present moment awareness of your body, breath/ energy, mind, inner wisdom, and joyful essence; illuminating the pathway home to your Heart • 39:22 W N S
6. Healing Moonlight – Resting in mindful self-compassion for coping with emotional stress • 30:40 N S | Music: Meditative Mind – 417 Hz Cleanse Negative Energy
7. Grow Love, Give Love – Opening your heart to yourself, a loved one, and the connection between (three-layer maitri) • 20:43 W N
8. Soothing Lullaby – Coaxing your body into conscious sleep with gentle rhythms and rotations • 20:30 S | Music: Beautiful Chorus – Faith’s Hymn

 W = Waking nidra – Practices for transitioning into wakefulness
 N = Nidra nap – Practices for any time during waking hours
 S = Sleep nidra – Practices for transitioning into sleep


Taking Back The Night (2020)